Wednesday, February 16, 2011


     Well  guys i live in the butthole of America, Louisiana. All of you up North diss on our state because you think we are all like Billy The Exterminator, Swamp People, or Waterboy. One thing we do have you beat on is food. Our food actually have flavor because we use spices in other words we use Tony's Chachere's (seasoning). OK I'm way of track so here is my annoying story. One thing the north and the south have in common is we both play the sport ordained by God, Lacrosse. However, we suck compared to ya'll or you guys. Ok so we have one black kid on our team, Jerry. Now, Jerry isn't very good and tries to act ghetto even though he is nowhere near ghetto. (Jerry's brother thinks he is a cowboy) Now Jerry is short, fat, and not very good, but he thinks he is a god at lacrosse. Now i know this doesn't sound annoying, but when a short, fat, unghetto, black boy tries to act bad at you while wearing shin guards (he plays goalie and goalies who wear shin guards are just gay) it's a little annoying. O  and he said the shin guards were a valentine's present from his girlfriend. So im kinda annoyed my gf didn't get me any.

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  1. my nagging gf just told me i misspelled y'all so its not ya'll but y'all sorry everyone i know its a huge deal