Sunday, March 13, 2011


     One of my friends had a big crawfish boil. So we just hung out, swam, ate crawfish, and stayed the night. Well once night rolled around we began to get bored.We looked around so water balloons and had a great idea.Now my friend lived on a side street off of a highway. So we did what all teenagers would do. Filled up alot of water balloons and hid in the ditch along the highway. The speed limit was about 55 so when we popped up and hit a car in the windshield it was bad. We did this to several cars, but then we decided to throw three at one time. We hid in the ditch and a car was flying our way. We threw the balloons and all the crushed the car. Ok so i know this story sounds really gay, but this gets a little funny. So the truck slams on his breaks and we run to the nearest house and hide in their bushes. The truck pulls onto the side street and points its lights into the yard. Once we thought it was safe started running and the truck began following us. We jump in the persons back yard. We get to the fence to the next person's back yard so we hop it. The truck is still on the street, but cant see us. So this person's back yard was just like a jungle i think they just had a massive garden or something. So we were running through this jungle yard and all of a sudden i fall in this creek right in the middle of the yard. I'm now completely soaked now. I get up and run to the fence. when i get there i lean up against it and get the ever living mess shocked out of me. now im soaked and get shocked all over. I mean my entire body was tinkling especially the arm that leaned up against it. We look and its this electric wire on the fence that had signs that said beware electric fence. I'm glad i saw that. Well we finally got away, but i will never forget the time we escaped one pissed man.

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